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Why sugar daddies prefer sugar baby relationship type

sugar daddy and sugar babiesWhy those wealthy, elder men like dating with young, vibrant ladies? What is attracting them? Read the following conversation will help you find the answer. I believe it will be helpful if you are sugar baby who’s looking for sugar daddy relationship.

Susan (24) has been dating Michael (56… it’s just a fake name) for a period of time. So, she’s interviewing him.

How did you start the sugar baby dating experience? What cause you to pay for finding a young female partner?

Actually, I begin my first sugar baby relationship by chance. I met an beautiful young lady on the street. She lost her money and was helpless. So I dropped her home by taxi. To my surprise, she agreed to go out with an old man like me! We dated each other for several months. I supported her financially during our relationship. It’s fun that I don’t know what a sugar daddy or sugar baby was. It wasn’t until I came across the sugar daddy dating site australiansugardaddy.com.

Oh!  Surprise.So your dating partner wasnt really a sugar baby?

Yes. But it was very similar to the sugar daddy / sugar baby arrangement. She was much younger than me.

You are attractive, younger than your age and you have an attractive personality. So I cant understand why you are seeking sugar baby on site? It will be easy for you to find a partner without pay.

Oh, my baby, I’m flattered. Yes, it may be easy for me to meet a lady but I’m not willing to. You are too young to understand. Women in my age require marriage and commitment. They are not my interests. And I’m afraid by such things. I had one marriage and I divorced. I am not willing to be engaged into another relationship again since I have two kids. I prefer this sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship. It’s free and I can arrange my schedule. You will not be angry if I tell you I’m only available on Tuesday and Saturday. And you wouldn’t mind if I choose to see the kids over you. This type of relationship is different with marriage or commitment.

Will you feel strange to spend money for a relationship?

Not in the least. It might be strange to you. The idea of giving money to someone for their time is odd to you. But it’s not for me. You know, as in my age, I was surrounded by people who think everything in a strategic way and I think this is very boring. And we have people depending on us like employees, business partners and our kids. Now you are young, you are carefree and vibrant, beautiful. You make me inspiring. It will make me remember my youth age. There’s also my ego. I love walking together with hot young lady. I love the seeing the delicate face when we having dinner or walking on the beach. I’m fifty years old and I begin to realize that life is short and we can only live once. So I wanna spend part of my spare time in enjoying the fine things in life.

Isnt it same with prostitution?

It’s absolutely different. Just as you know, my baby. I’m paying not only for sex. If I was, I can certainly go to website providing that kind of service. Actually, many prostitutes are using sex.com and I have been contacted by them many times. But I don’t change my ideas. I decided to find a prostitute when I separated with my wife. It was really a terrible experience and I couldn’t do it. However, I always have a lonely time when dating with sugar babies.

What happens if you fall in love?

(Laughter) All the old men love young, gorgeous ladies. That’s what we have been built. Our animal instincts make us be attracted by the best woman for our posterity. The best child bearing age is 24-29 generally. That’s another one reason why we are willing to pay.


How To Discuss Allowance With Your Sugar Daddy

how to get more moneyWhen it comes to money there is always tension in a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. In order not scare off a likely sugar daddy, the sugar baby has to be careful not to present herself as being greedy or lacking selfrespect. If the idea of asking a likely sugar daddy for an allowance petrifies you, don’t worry too much. You aren’t in that ship all by yourself; it is completely normal. Most people are not blessed with the ability to request for financial assistance and have no idea on how to go about it elegantly.

How to ask for an allowance with your head held high.

First of all do not demand for money on the first day you meet him, especially it you plan on having sex with him because it can easily be misinterpreted as whoring and that’s not what a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is all about. Just follow the guidance below and in no time you will be an expert in requesting for an allowance from your sugar daddy.

You are not merchandise

Now we must get this straight once and for all, do not try to determine your price by measuring your selfworth, this is a trap avoid it completely. This isn’t about how much you are physically worth. You do not have a price tag, don’t set a price value on who you are and your attributes, don’t even dare. The reason for this discussion is about demanding for what you need to be comfortable. The amount of time you intend to spend with your sugar daddy and other expense should be borne in mind when you are demanding for a monthly allowance. Determine what really your needs are and list them instead of measuring your physical selfworth.

Do not play down your expectations

Sugar relationships depends on the desires and needs of both parties, so its different rules apply to different folks. The best way to start is to list your needs from rent, food, tuition and what you will need to have fun, luxuries and all. Set the amount of money you need irrespective of the sugar daddy.

Rehearse your speech

Practice eloquence and get comfortable in asking for what you desire and want, practice it over and over again till you are very comfortable or cozy with it.

How generous is your sugar daddy?

Try to assess how much your sugar daddy is willing to pay you, you can do this by asking off his other mistresses offhand and how much he paid them. Then you can decide to ask within that range keeping in mind the range you have set already.

As ladies we tend to put ourselves down and unfortunately that shows in a bargain power, you must be able to tell him straight to the point how much you need. Keep calm and remain beautiful like it’s normal thing for you. Be true to yourself and do not be intimidated ask for what you need and deserve.Save


Where Can I Find The Best Sugar Baby In Perth, Western Australia?

sugar babies AustraliaAs a responsible, professional man, you want to find the best companionship and you want to do so without the fuss and hassle, not to mention the expenditure of time, that comes from dating extensively to find the right companion. Also, in many cases, finding a soulmate is not the end goal. Instead, many mature men of means are looking for a temporary arrangement with a young lady of beauty and vitality that will cause them no trouble.

You are looking for a sugar baby. Finding the perfect sugar baby is tricky. Although many young ladies are open to this kind of arrangement, it can be hard to find one that meets your preferences if you are doing it yourself, and again, the process of self-screening potential sugar babies is a time-intensive one.

If you’re looking for the best sugar baby Australia, the best thing you can do is to come to us. We have an extensive listing of beautiful young women from your area that are interested in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with an older man of means. You can peruse the profiles of the ladies in question and find one that meets your preferences.

We are the most reputable facilitator of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships in western Australia and we are certain that if you contact us, you will be satisfied with the ladies we accept into our database. You can find the easy, no-strings attached relationship you want with a lady of beauty of grace without the time and hassle of looking for young women who may or may not be interested in this kind of arrangement.

On the other hand, if you are looking to find a sugar daddy, we are able to help you. No more dates with men who are not what you are looking for. Our clients are vetted to ensure that they are able to provide you with the kind of relationship you want. You don’t have to waste your time and energy with men who are unable to provide you with the luxuries that you deserve anymore, because we can help match you with the sugar daddy of your dreams.

For a sugar daddy Perth, contact us, We can help you find the sugar daddy you need in Western Australia. Or if you are a man who would like to be a sugar daddy, we can help you find the sugar baby you have always wanted. These mutually beneficial relationships have existed since the beginning of time, but with our service, you can skip the hassle and frustration of looking for a suitable partner and start enjoying your new relationship sooner than you imagined. Stop looking for a sugar baby and start dating today.



A Look Inside Australiansugardaddy.com

sugar baby Australia list

sugar babies Australia search result list

The Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship is often misunderstood. People often think a Sugar Baby is much like an Escort who meets a man for a “date” and when the obvious transaction is completed, moves on to the next “date”. A Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship is an actual dating relationship. When the couple meets (usually on a site like Australiansugardaddy.com), they get to know each other. They must have a mutual attraction and a mutual respect for each other and their situations. Only then will the relationship move forward.

Australian Sugar Daddy is one of the most respected dating sites in the world. They are experts at pairing daddy/baby mates.

Most Sugar Daddies Australia are wealthy; some are extremely wealthy. Their ages range widely, but most are over 50. Many are married, and love their wives. They are looking for an exciting and satisfying relationship; but in no way are looking for a replacement wife. Of course all situations are different.

Sugar babies are usually very attractive, classy and graceful. They are looking for a relationship with someone who will take care of them financially. Some use this as a means to pay for their education or just living a good life. How much the sugar daddy will pay is based on how often he wants to see his sugar baby and what he expects.

Some sugar daddies want a sugar baby Australia that is available to travel with him on very short notice. World travel, expensive gifts and extraordinary adventures are often part of this type of relationship. Some Sugar Daddies want to be treated like a king. They want a beautiful woman on their arm that will show affection and accept public attention. Others like a quiet, discreet arrangement. Virtually all have sexual requirements.

The sexual terms of the relationship need to be discussed before the relationship begins. If there are certain sexual activities that are off limits, those limitations must be agreed to. Again, this is not a “payment for a lady of the night”; it is a relationship. That means caring, sharing, talking and communicating. It also means respecting your sugar daddy and being willing to put his comfort and happiness first.

Some sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships last a long time. Others only last a short time. To be an effective and respected member of this society; you must be prepared for an ending. Because you have grown to care about each other, that ending will be sad. But it will happen and it must be handled with respect and grace.

A sugar daddy Australia knows what he is looking for and is willing to pay to make it happen. A sugar baby wants the good life and is willing to be what he wants in consideration of financial gain. This is a respected, adult business.





AustralianSugarDaddy.com – the best place to meet genuine sugar daddies in Australia

sugar daddy and sugar babies in Australia

The convenience and advantages of a sugar daddy relationship have made it one of the most popular dating segments across the globe. Australia has emerged as a hub for wealthy men, with cities like Melbourne and Sydney having the largest populations of sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Due to the exponential growth of this segment, many dating services have come up to cater to the needs of those seeking a mutually beneficial relationship minus the commitment. In the pursuit of becoming the top service, many websites have introduced some path – breaking features. However, if you are looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby there are not many that can beat AustralianSugarDaddy.com in this segment.

The platform has everything that one would expect from a dating website. From an easy to navigate membership base to logical implementation of features, the site leaves no scope of any complaints. The makers of the site have thoughtfully encompassed all the critical features that would facilitate users to interact with people whom they find interesting.

Since inception, the site has thrived on innovation and state of the art technology to help users find their ideal match. In fact, every feature on this site has been tailored to meet the needs of people seeking a sugar relationship. Users who wish to join the community can either opt for a standard membership or gold membership, depending on their requirements.

Although the standard membership of the site gives access to most of the features, their access remains limited. For instance, free members are allowed to make a comprehensive profile, add pictures, search for other members based on their preferences and send flirts, but they are not permitted to initiate a conversation with other members. Nevertheless, they still have the liberty of responding to emails received from paid users.

In addition, the site also features the blog and forums page, which provides users a larger platform to convey their opinions. Like most dating sites in this segment, the site gives users the freedom of tweaking privacy options so as to control who they wish to connect with. Besides, they can also report a user for suspicious activity.

In fact, the sheer membership strength on this site makes it one of the leading platforms of sugar daddy dating in Australia. According to experts, a drastic increase in the sugar daddy population in major Australian cities has contributed to a rise in sugar babies too. These are said to be healthy trends and show the ongoing paradigm shift in the country.

AustralianSugarDaddy.com maintains a delicate balance between usability and user experience, a factor that has eventually played a significant role in the growth of the site.