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Why sugar daddies prefer sugar baby relationship type

sugar daddy and sugar babiesWhy those wealthy, elder men like dating with young, vibrant ladies? What is attracting them? Read the following conversation will help you find the answer. I believe it will be helpful if you are sugar baby who’s looking for sugar daddy relationship.

Susan (24) has been dating Michael (56… it’s just a fake name) for a period of time. So, she’s interviewing him.

How did you start the sugar baby dating experience? What cause you to pay for finding a young female partner?

Actually, I begin my first sugar baby relationship by chance. I met an beautiful young lady on the street. She lost her money and was helpless. So I dropped her home by taxi. To my surprise, she agreed to go out with an old man like me! We dated each other for several months. I supported her financially during our relationship. It’s fun that I don’t know what a sugar daddy or sugar baby was. It wasn’t until I came across the sugar daddy dating site

Oh!  Surprise.So your dating partner wasnt really a sugar baby?

Yes. But it was very similar to the sugar daddy / sugar baby arrangement. She was much younger than me.

You are attractive, younger than your age and you have an attractive personality. So I cant understand why you are seeking sugar baby on site? It will be easy for you to find a partner without pay.

Oh, my baby, I’m flattered. Yes, it may be easy for me to meet a lady but I’m not willing to. You are too young to understand. Women in my age require marriage and commitment. They are not my interests. And I’m afraid by such things. I had one marriage and I divorced. I am not willing to be engaged into another relationship again since I have two kids. I prefer this sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship. It’s free and I can arrange my schedule. You will not be angry if I tell you I’m only available on Tuesday and Saturday. And you wouldn’t mind if I choose to see the kids over you. This type of relationship is different with marriage or commitment.

Will you feel strange to spend money for a relationship?

Not in the least. It might be strange to you. The idea of giving money to someone for their time is odd to you. But it’s not for me. You know, as in my age, I was surrounded by people who think everything in a strategic way and I think this is very boring. And we have people depending on us like employees, business partners and our kids. Now you are young, you are carefree and vibrant, beautiful. You make me inspiring. It will make me remember my youth age. There’s also my ego. I love walking together with hot young lady. I love the seeing the delicate face when we having dinner or walking on the beach. I’m fifty years old and I begin to realize that life is short and we can only live once. So I wanna spend part of my spare time in enjoying the fine things in life.

Isnt it same with prostitution?

It’s absolutely different. Just as you know, my baby. I’m paying not only for sex. If I was, I can certainly go to website providing that kind of service. Actually, many prostitutes are using and I have been contacted by them many times. But I don’t change my ideas. I decided to find a prostitute when I separated with my wife. It was really a terrible experience and I couldn’t do it. However, I always have a lonely time when dating with sugar babies.

What happens if you fall in love?

(Laughter) All the old men love young, gorgeous ladies. That’s what we have been built. Our animal instincts make us be attracted by the best woman for our posterity. The best child bearing age is 24-29 generally. That’s another one reason why we are willing to pay.